The Official Internal Hackathon of the 2017 Q3 IP Engineering Innovation Sprint

At the 2017 IP Engineering and Innovation Inaugural Hackathon, teams will be creating ground-breaking implementations and competing for a number of prizes, all of which include bragging rights and a signed Nick Rothery Vantiv coffee mug (no guarantee of authenticity).

We'll have mentors onsite to guide you through your projects. But the challenge is yours. Your team must build it, present it, and then watch your peers turn green with envy as you present "on stage" Wednesday August 23, at 3:30pm. Deadline for submission is 3:00pm that same day.

Who will be there? Developers, Testers, QA's, DBA's, Scrum Masters, Product, Business, Marketing, Developer Integrations, BI's, BA's, and then some... this event truly is for everyone! 

Executive Problem Statements

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Anyone who follows the rules.


All code presented must be written during the event. 

Submit your project through this site and then demo your project in-person to be eligible for prizes.



Your submission should apply to one or more of these categories for best chance to win. 

  • Improvements in Engineering or Process (a new tool to help eliminate daily pain points)
  • New Technologies (i.e. Blockchain, AI, AR)
  • Business Impacts (i.e. boarding, pricing, sales) 
  • Payments (i.e. triPOS, processing) 


Need ideas?

Check out Vantiv Labs 

How to enter

Register as a participant and submit your project through this site.


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Balaji Devarasetty
Sr. Leader - Technology / Vantiv

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation (20%)
    Is this project a new approach to and clever implementation of something beneficial to the IP Engineering team?
  • Business Application (20%)
    Does your solution solve a current business need?
  • Technically Impressive (20%)
    Was a technically difficult problem solved? Is the solution well engineered for the chosen problem?
  • Completeness (20%)
    How thoroughly implemented is this project?
  • Polished (20%)
    Is the solution usable in its current state? Is the user experience smooth? Does everything appear to work? Is it well designed?